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  •         罗马尼亚外资署,简称RAFI,属于政府机构,非赢利性部门,根据2002年第390号法令,罗马尼亚外资署成立于2002年。其主要职能是促进和支持吸引外国资本进入罗马尼亚经济,履行政府政策。

    Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments
    Bd. Primaverii 22, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
    Tel: +40-(0)21-233.91.03 ; Fax: +40-(0)21-223.91.04


    The Agency’s field of activity consists mainly of:

    . Coordinating the preparation of the strategies and action plans for attracting the foreign capital in economy, as well as the effective promotion activity of the Romanian investment projects, both on the domestic and international markets

    . Monitoring the compliance with the legal frame regarding the foreign investments in Romania and proposing its improvement

    . Setting up the necessary conditions for providing a friendly business environment for promoting foreign direct investments

    . Providing specialized assistance to the investors interested in developing projects in Romania, prior to and following the achievement of their investments, by cooperating with other institutions and organizations, governmental or non-governmental

    . Identifying and promoting priority investment fields and their existing opportunities as well as the organizing a data base with available information for investors regarding investment projects, financing sources, potential business partners, available locations, etc.

    . Foreign investment promotion according with the strategies of other institutions and organizations involved in attracting the foreign capital in economy (Authority for Privatization and Administration of State Ownership, Authority for Banking Asset Resolution, ministries, etc.), as well as promoting Romania’s image and the existing investment climate, through all specific promotion means

    . Periodically reporting to the Government with reference to the volume, origin, structure and trend of the foreign investments in Romania and abroad, by cooperating with other specialized institutions, organizations or structures, public or private, which record and hold information in the field


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