I have the pleasure to congratulate the brave and proud Macedonian people, as well as all those being linked to the Macedonian spirit – the numerous friends of Macedonia all around the world and here, in Romania !

Happy Anniversary on the National Day !

                                                                                                                                                                          Aurelian GOGULESCU

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in Romania

President of Prahova County Chamber of Commerce and Industry


At the proposal of the Macedonian authorities , especially H.E. Mr. TihomirIlievski , former Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Bucharest - during his diplomatic mandate, when the procedure for the appointment was initiated - and of H.E. Mr.LjupkoArsovski , Macedonian Ambassador at the time and the Romanian authorities who have accepted this proposal, during the month November 2008, Mr. Aurelian Gogulescu , President of Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry was appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in Ploiesti, Romania.

 "This designation  is an honor and a great professional accomplishment for me. Probably, this is an appreciation of certain qualities that I have endeavored to cultivate and to apply as well as possible in my activity over the last  20 years . But first of all, this investiture means a great obligation in order to honor the expectations about enhancing and developing the economic  Romanian– Macedonian relations " said Mr. Aurelian Gogulescu in an interview published in December  2008, within the economic magazine “ Reporter Economic” ".


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