Prahova County’s export activity holds an important share in Romania’s total exports – approx. 4.5%. Among the main local products sold on the foreign markets there are: • Oil equipment, chemical and petrochemical equipment – for drilling: offshore and onshore, valves, compressors, gears • Industrial equipment, spare parts, cast parts • Chemicals - detergents, cosmetics and hygiene products • Bearings for oil industry • Industrial steel cables and belts • Automotive accessories – electrical and electronic equipment, cables, hoses, cockpit modules, air conditioning systems and tires • Construction and building materials - wooden houses, cement, doors and windows, industrial insulation products, coverings • Wood - timber and logs • Furniture - chairs, office furniture, furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms • Mineral products - glass, glass wool • Clothing and textiles • Wine • Spirits • Food products - meat and meat products, honey, canned fruit and vegetable, grains • Soft drinks – natural and carbonated juices • Tobacco - cigarettes, filters.