Setting-up a company, the first step in business 

  • Do you want to start a business and do not know how?
  • Do you want to operate change within your company’s constitutive documents ?
  • You are an individual or family association and your activity must be adapted according to new legal regulations?

Ask us, the Department  for setting-up business consultancy.

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We offer the following services for the most attractive prices:

Setting-up companies and changes within the their structure

  1. Getting reservation of the company’ name
  2. Establish of the main activity and secondary activities, full advice in choosing legal personality  and tax issues arising from this
  3. Writing and drafting the document of setting-up
  4. Writing and drafting the documents of changes within structure
  5. Full completion of the procedure for preparing the documents and sending them at Prahova County Trade Register
  6. Obtaining certificates of registration and enrollment mentions
  7. Advising the existing activities in the act of setting-up and beyond
  8. Submission of the balance sheet
  9. Updating the activity in accordance with the new NACE Code, under Order Nr.337 / 20.04.2007 of the National Institute of Statistics







Working with the Chamber, you will save time.


We have well trained employees

We work fast

We will save you the annoying queuing time, for inherent mistakes in completing documents.

While we deal with the realizing and submission of documentation prior to creation and modification in the structure of society, you can actually run your business

Our team is always available for providing information:

Ingrid Dumitras – Legal Counselor, the Department for Business Assistance  and Business Setting-up

Consultants: Corina Duca, Catalin Coman

Phone: 0244/ 596.344; interior 125; 0344/ 401.205; interior 109

Fax: 0244/ 512.552


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