The Center for Assessment  and Certification of Professional Skills acquired by other means than that formal, authorized by the National Qualifications Authority.

Quick certification of professional skills for people who have acquired knowledge and skills through various forms that are unattested by certificates and diplomas

Occupations / qualifications for which one can obtain an evaluation certificate of professional competency at the Center:

WAITER, code 512 302 COR


Benefits for holders of competency certificate:

  • The certificate is granted based on the assessment of what the candidate is capable of in real work conditions.
  • Skills assessment helps increase self-confidence and self-evaluation abilities.
  • The certificate of competency provides skills recognition regardless of the manner of skill acquisition.
  • The certificate of competency may be granted regardless of age without restricting access to candidate assessment.
  • The certificate of competency is a guarantee of a person's ability to operate in an occupation / position and highlights transferable skills from one occupation to another.
  • Therefore, obtaining a certificate of professional competency increases employability and career development possibilities.

The certificate of competency is issued to the beneficiary in the process of assessment  the competency, giving them the right to work in the occupation / position for which it was evaluated.

Certificates issued to all competencies relevant to specific occupations have the same value of certificates of qualification with national and international recognition, awarded in the adult vocational training system.

Documents required for assessment / certification of competencies:

  • application form
  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • copy of  ID
  • copy of diploma (8/10 classes, high school diploma)
  • medical certificate
  • portfolio (languages, articles, publications, etc.)
  • evidence of competence, revealing that the person worked, collaborated or performed an internship in that activity

Our team is always at your disposal for information and application:

Ancuta NEDER – Director

Anca PETRESCU – Counselor

Florentina UNGUREANU – Counselor

Phone: +40 (244) 596 369

Fax: +40 (244) 512 552

Mobile: 0741 231247

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